This year will be your best year ever, if it is your best year spiritually! The Connect 21 Fast is the best way to kick off your new year! Join us beginning In January for 21 Days of church-wide prayer and fasting. This is a great time to quiet the distractions of the world and get closer in your relationship with God. Biblical fasting always has to do with eliminating distractions for a greater spiritual purpose. It causes us to shift our focus from the outside-in to the inside out. Understanding the necessity of prayer is not enough. For it to become a part of our life, it needs to become something we look forward to doing. Most people do not enjoy prayer because they have never been taught how to pray. That is where this simple prayer guide can help.


Pastor Joel and Trish Gregory would like to welcome you to start the Connect 21 journey with us!

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Here are some things that you need to know, that you need to do and that you will receive.

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Why Fast?

We are encouraging our church family to consider fasting corporately for 21 days in the month of January. This is part of a season of high-intensity prayer as a church family. You may also opt to fast at other times during the year for your own spiritual development. The timing of your fast is not as important as the strength of your pursuit of Him as you fast.

During the month of January, we will set aside a season of prayer and fasting to seek God and believe Him for His plan to be fulfilled in our lives as well as in the life of our church throughout 2020. We believe, as we do this, the bands of wickedness will be loosed; we will undo heavy burdens; the oppressed will be set free; and we will break every yoke. We would love for you to join us as we corporately pray together for our nation, its leaders, families, our church, and the lost. We believe that there is something very powerful that takes place when we all come into agreement in the spirit of unity and faith. It is there God releases His dynamic power in our lives.

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The ACTS prayer pattern is a very good way to focus our hearts on Who God is and What He has done for us before we turn our hearts to asking Him for His continued blessings.

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